Hope Social

Daily Strength, every morning – Seek, Share, Hope.



Hope Social began with a dream. In 2014 the hope was to provide a space to help people learn how to share the Good News of Jesus to others through social media. However for a long time it stayed a dream.
And over the years the dream died down.

I, Samuel Higgins, started sharing photos that I had taken myself, in which I had edited Bible verses over the top. This then reignited the dream for Hope Social. And the idea for the site transitioned from a training website to a place of Hope, a place where people can come daily for inspiration, encouragement, hope – with the ability for you to share the pictures on your favourite social media platforms to your friends and family.
And that’s where we are today. My hope is you find this project beneficial. If one person is encouraged by this then it’s all been so worth it!

Come Seek, Share, Hope.